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We aim to provide up to date information and news alongside a comprehensive archive of Mandana's work past and present.

Most news comes directly from Mandana herself or her agents. All other news is verified by her agents.

Hope you enjoy looking around the site! - Jayne & Sara @ MJ.NET

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News & events

March 2013 - Mandana has been involved with a fundraising effort on the anniversary of Simone Lahbib's niece dying of cancer, and the family subsequently setting up a fund in her memory. For all the details, click here.
For a picture of Mandana with Simone and other Bad Girls cast - click here (Copyright Simone Lahbib, not to be used without permission).

October 2011 - London Bridge is finally released on DVD. You can pre-order it now from Amazon. See news

November 2010 - After a long time away from our screens, Mandana appeared in Casualty. We now have screen captures. >>> Click here for more



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